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“Optimization of the Profitability of Wind and Wave Energy Hybrid Platforms”

The aim of the ORPHEO project is to study techniques that enable the optimization, through advanced and intelligent control, of the profitability that can be obtained from an integrated hybrid floating platform that includes generation from wind power and wave energy and is connected to the grid as part of a renewable energy farm in the sea.

The W2Power Platform (in its different variants of wind, hybrid wind-wave and combined with other uses such as aquaculture), that will be object of study for this optimization, is a joint development of several companies, based on the patent of the Norwegian company Pelagic Power, shared by ENEROCEAN. The project starts from them theoretical and experimental
results obtained in the development of wave converters and their integration in floating platforms in the Offshore2Grid project and tank tests of the converters and the complete platform performed in Cork and Edinburgh thanks to the tank access provided by FP7 MARINET to reach TRL 5 for the technology of the hybrid W2Power platform.

ORPHEO will be developed in parallel with the international project WIP10+ (coordinated by EnerOcean, and with TTI Ltd (UK), Ingeteam Service and Ghenova as partners and CTAER, UCA and PLOCAN as outsources), in which the wind variant (without inclusion of wave converters) will be tested and that has recently been selected by the ERANET COFUND DEMOWIND Consortium to demonstrate a scale prototype at PLOCAN’s test site in the Canary Islands. WIP10+ will allow the technological demonstration of the W2Power platform in a exclusively wind configuration, that will include the installation in the sea of a floating platform at a 1:6 scale in Gran Canaria (reaching TRL 6), that will serve as a starting point for the inclusion of additional uses and for testing advanced control algorithms that will be developed in ORPHEO.

The ORPHEO project includes industrial partners that are active in the development of the W2Power platform control: INGETEAM SERVICE SA, who manages aspects related to the control and operational life of the wind generators and will coordinate the ORPHEO project and ENEROCEAN SL who, in addition to coordinating the WIP10+ project, has developed the W2Power converters that will be integrated into the platform and the global control system of the platform. These two companies will be complemented by the following research centres: PLOCAN, University of Cádiz and University of Málaga.


The ORPHEO Project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in the scope of the Research, Development and Innovation program focused on the Society Challenges in the framework of the Scientific, Technic and Innovation Plan 2013-2016, section 1: “Research Challenges”, R+D+I Projects, Call 2013.