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The overall objective of the project is the development, implementation, testing and validation of a reliable, durable and low-cost anchoring load prediction system through indirect measurements. The system will be affordable, robust and durable so that loads can be measured throughout the life of the anchoring system.

The Cantabrian company, DEGIMA, an experienced leader in the metallurgical sector, mainly in boiler making and metallic structures, coordinates PREDICARG with the participation of the following companies: ENEROCEAN, a technology-based company with a clear focus on sustainable development through the use of renewable energy technologies; SAITEC, one of the leading Spanish engineering firms developing consulting services; CTC TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE, specialized in the selection and design of specific anchorage and anchoring systems for marine energy converters; and IHCantabria, a foundation whose fundamental purpose is to promote and support basic and applied research and the development of studies, methodologies and tools for the integrated management of aquatic ecosystems including surface and groundwater, transitional waters and coastal waters.


This initiative has been funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the State Research Agency, within the Retos Colaboración 2017 Programme.