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This project aims to study the combination of the W2Power platform with integrated Energy Storage Systems (EES), with focus on Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), or alternatively hydrogen. This project has received funding from the following organisms:


85% financed by the European Union (FEDER)

The main findings of this project will add to the high competitiveness of the W2Power platform and will allow to achieve a greater penetration in the electrical grid for having a most effective management of the energy which is produced offshore.


                                                                                        Operating scheme of the proposed CAES system prototype.

The scope of this project comprises the study of the following items:

    • Integration of the pressure vessels and the necessary equipment into the platform.

    • Establishment of an optimal working pressure and design of the pneumatic system.

    • Adaptation of the current structural design and simulation of the hydrodynamic behaviour after the integration of a CAES system, in compliance with the current offshore rules.

    • Profitability study and assessment of the most effective option based on the obtained results.