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The Future of Floating. Now.

The Future of Floating. Now. 

W2Power is an innovation adaption of proven, mature offshore technologies to the needs of emerging deep-water offshore wind. It enables a rated of 12 MW on one single floating foundation, using two commercially offshore wind turbines on the market today. W2Power is, since Spring 2019, the First Spanish floating wind platform in Spanish waters and also the First multiturbine floating solution to reach testing in open sea in the World, reaching TRL6.


EnerOcean started collaborating with the developers of the W2Power solution in 2010, and became its lead developer in 2012, during the first optimization and tank testing campaigns, reaching TRL5 in 2015 for all main subsystems with testing at Flowave (University of Edinburgh), culminating 8 testing campaigns at 4 laboratories in 3 different countries.

W2P_4192 - copia

Sea testing at PLOCAN, has allowed to demonstrate functionality, stability and survivability of the W2Power solution.


Nowadays we are the owners of all the Intellectual property related to the concept, including the family of patents that cover the main innovations of the solution.

The main objective driving the design evolution of the W2Power concept is to be the most cost-effective floating wind solution, by reducing the global cost of energy, but also considering other options like multiuse (aquaculture, energy storage, wave energy, etc).