The Future of Floating. Now.


The activities programmed in the Canary Islands in this project arise as a continuation of the previous works carried out in the WIP10+ and ORPHEO project, and in the development of the multiuse versions of the W2Power solution.

The main focus of W2P-ORPHEO PLUS is to test control strategies in a wind-aquaculture prototype. The second testing of this prototype has been funded by Blue-GIFT, the installation and permanence part in the PLOCAN test area, an Interreg Atlantic Area project.

These control strategies will lead to potential improvements in power production and stability, and the achievement of the best behaviour of the combined wind and aquaculture version of the W2Power solution. The activities of these projects at Canarian waters are:

    • Installation of a fish cage in the prototype for the second sea testing campaign at PLOCAN using designs developed into W2P-HERA (National Project).

    • Validation of wave forecasting estimation algorithms with additional instrumentation.

    • Turbine control strategies for a W2Power unit holding the fish cage.

    • Environmental effects study of combined wind-aquaculture platforms and different control strategies.